The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar



Main Functions

The main functions of ZECO according to the Zanzibar Electricity Corporation Act No.3 of 2006 are:

  1. The establishment, acquisition maintenance and operation of works and undertakings for the generation, transmission, transformation, distribution and supply of electricity to consumers in Zanzibar;
  2. The investigation of new or additional facilities for the generation and supply of electricity within Zanzibar;
  3. To construct or erect and to maintain or alter machinery and plant, electrical distribution lines and any other works;
  4. To exchange, let or sell any of the property or plant acquired or constructed by the Corporation;
  5. To enter into contracts with any public, local authority or any person for the purchase and supply of electricity or for any other purpose;
  6. To enter into agreements for purchase of electricity in bulk from independent power producers within or outside Zanzibar for resale to consumers; and
  7. To carry on all such other activities as it may appear to the Corporation to be requisite, advantageous or in connection with the exercise of its functions.