The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar




In carrying out its functions, ZURA shall strive to enhance the welfare of Zanzibar society by:

  1. Establish standards for regulated goods and services; terms and conditions of supply of goods and services;
  2. Ensure that all utility suppliers provide adequate service and have means to finance their activities;
  3. The Authority may prepare codes of conduct, reporting requirements, scheme of service, staff regulations and any other actions which necessary to regulate utilities effectively;
  4. Facilitate and encourage private sector participation, fair competition, and participation in investments in public utilities;
  5. Ensure compliance by public utilities with the laws governing their activities;
  6. Prepare and issue rules and directives to public utility sector;
  7. Establish and implement adequate systems for monitoring the compliance by licensees with standards and applicable regulations, and making such information publicly available;
  8. Establish an appropriate procedure for receiving, enquiring and resolving complaints by customers in relation to any utility services within time provided under the regulations of this Act;
  9. Facilitate the resolution of complaints and disputes;
  10. Disseminate information about matters of its functions;
  11. Have due regard to the preservation and protection of the environment, the conservation of natural resources and health and safety of users;
  12. Issue orders to regulated public utility.